Pathways, Getchell Creek - Mendocino County
Video, sound, artist's sketchbook, wood, fabric, materials, gathered along a 4 mile stretch of Getchell Creek beginning at the Pacific Ocean
96" x 132" x 20"


Pathways is about my journey to better understand my surroundings and myself. My investigations become a metaphor for us as humans. As I explore the landscape collecting samples and ephemera from the landscape I not only begin to develop a visual vocabulary for the language of this environment but I begin to define my own relationship with the built and the wild. Thus the performance and resulting sculpture become a portrait of the landscape as constructed by me. The sculpture becomes a tool for collection and a way to describe my physical movement through space. This performance is but one facet of my investigation into what defines me and my understanding of my environment. The most exciting part is the process of trying to define the undefinable.