Threshold, Modoc County, CA
Archival inkjet prints, original door and earth from Tulelake Segregation Center, wood and steel cable
84" x 144" x 84"


Threshold, Modoc County, CA speaks to the recent multiple human histories that have overlapped to create this landscape. There are physical and non-physical marks left in the space that create an identity. One photograph is the interior of an internment barrack that was sold off to farmers in the area after World War II and used as a shop and the other is of a lava tube, which the Modoc used in their unique knowledge of the environment in the war with the US military. An identity that is no longer “natural” but has become this constructed space between the human experience and the landscape. Because of the storied histories these two spaces represent, they transcend their physical boundaries and become almost spiritual or mythological spaces. I would like to make the viewer more aware of how their spaces are constructed both physically and metaphorically and to highlight their own personal impact on their environment.